Peter Kovacsy Fine Art Photography: Blog en-us Peter Kovacsy (C) Photography (Peter Kovacsy Fine Art Photography) Mon, 02 Jun 2014 08:02:00 GMT Mon, 02 Jun 2014 08:02:00 GMT Peter Kovacsy Fine Art Photography: Blog 120 120 Killarnée Targa Rally in Pemberton This year Peter captured these images with a Nikon FM2 film camera - for event photos use this link. This is an exciting tarmac rallying event run on the streets in Pemberton and Manjimup.

(Peter Kovacsy Fine Art Photography) Killarnée Targa South West photographer Peter Kovacsy Mon, 02 Jun 2014 07:53:09 GMT
Balingup Long Summer Table - environmental portraits captured on film with a Leica M7  

Balingup Long Summer Table, this event was organised by Katrina Lane of Taste of Balingup.

Shooting with a Leica M7 is was able to capture these black-and-white environmental portraits during the evening.



(Peter Kovacsy Fine Art Photography) Balingup Dining Event Katrina Lane Taste of Balingup Photographer Peter Kovacsy Thu, 20 Mar 2014 07:06:43 GMT
Concave Disk Shaped Stainless Steel Sculpture  

Peter has started working on his latest sculpture project. A 2 meter diameter concave disk shaped form made from thousands of small stainless steel plates, TIG welded together.  


Peter setting a plate for weldingPeter setting a plate for welding Artist Peter KovacsyPeter using the TIG welder Concave Disk Shaped Stainless Steel Sculpture

(Peter Kovacsy Fine Art Photography) Artist Peter Kovacsy stainless steel sculpture Wed, 19 Mar 2014 06:42:09 GMT
Little Frog on a Water Lilly  

Walking past the ponds to let the chook out I noticed this stunning little frog hiding under a water Lilly petal. This photography is a great example of being in the right place at the right moment with camera in hand. I shot this close-up with that Nikon FM2/T + Nikkor 85mm f2 lens.

Little FrogLittle FrogLittle frog on a water Lilly black-and-white photograph by Peter Kovacsy



(Peter Kovacsy Fine Art Photography) frog water Lilly photographer Peter Kovacsy Sun, 26 Jan 2014 01:01:41 GMT
Nikon FM2/T SLR film camera  

Recently a classic Nikon FM2/T SLR film camera and several Nikkor lenses arrived at the studio door. This adventure all got started over Xmas, Ben and his girlfriend invited me camping and fishing at Windy Harbour. Connla had black-and-white film she wanted to expose so I offered her my Pentax K1000 to shoot with. I still love that camera, it's now the same age as my son - 30 years old.  We developed the film back at the studio - it was a joy to see the great images the old Pentax captured. Shooting with my Leica M on a beach always gives me goose-bumps! 



Playing with the old Pentax got me thinking - better find a backup SLR that will see us all into the future. Up to around 2001 Nikon produced a semi-professional Titanium bodied SLR model called the FM2/T for extreme conditions, this would be the SLR for me.  Over the past week I've been shooting with the Nikon, capturing environmental self portraits to document a recent wood sculpture project in the workshop.


My Nikon experience is bring me great joy -  Nikkor lenses produce stunning high quality images, similar to Leica glass!  It's hard to believe a $300 Nikkor lens captures images as good as the equivalent focal length Leica lens worth $3000.  This could simply be the magic of gelatin silver processing of black-and-white films and printing papers? 


At the end of the day I am left to ponder  " a great photograph knows not the maker of the lens"



This Close-up photo was taken with a Nikkor 85mm f2 lens

Wood sculpture by Peter KovacsyAn environmental self portrait captured with a Nikon FM2/T camera and Nikkor Ai-S f2/80mm lens

This wide-angle photo was taken with a Nikkor 35mm f2 lens

Peter Kovacsy at work on a new wood sculpture.An environmental self portrait captured with a Nikon FM2/T camera and Nikkor Ai-S f2/80mm lens

(Peter Kovacsy Fine Art Photography) Nikkor lens Nikon FM2/T camera photographer Peter Kovacsy Sat, 25 Jan 2014 08:30:33 GMT